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What a week !


What a lovely week we've had here at Maesbrook with lots of diffirent things going on. 

So to start the week we have has bread making which is always a hit with the residents.

IMG 20231111 WA0020

Jan getting her dough ready for baking the bread.

IMG 20231111 WA0021

Lou loved playing with the dough

After they had all made the dough it was time for baking and look at how big they got.

IMG 20231111 WA0024

Sheila was ready to eat them there and then LOL

Fresh butter on warm bread has got to be one of the best thinges ever.

IMG 20231111 WA0025

Jan was pretty impressed with all the work her and the others put in to making sure the bread was prefect.

Then we had in a wonderful new singer wayne AKA Bertie Blighty Vintage Singer who came in his best atier and sung his hear out the residnets loved him.

IMG 20231114 WA0000

Wayne dressed up so lovely for his vintage entertainment.

IMG 20231114 WA0010

Dancing around the lounge.



^^^^ Wayne Singing^^^^


Next up we have two of the Birthday men of the week.

IMG 20231111 WA0002 v2

Birthday kisses for John  off Vickie


 ^^^^Happy Birthday^^^^

IMG 20231114 WA0016

Happy Birthday Peter


Then we've also had some quizzes and riddles which were so much fun as the residents said they were to easy and they all got the same question wrong that they were saying it about.

IMG 20231115 WA0000

Jan and he husband Mal ready for the quiz.

IMG 20231115 WA0012

Jeny was finding it hard but that wasnt going to stop her from giving it her best shot.

IMG 20231115 WA0014

The quiz circle and i have to be honest the amount of cheating that goes on is shameful

IMG 20231115 WA0002

Cheeky selfie of Lou and Michelle


Then last but not least we have got our christmas table set up with lots of goodies up for sale like the trinket tree with all hand made crafts for sale and lots of other bits.

20231116 104547

How cute are all the christmas tree decs ah i'm in love



IMG 20231114 WA0016