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Welsh Day


As you know we dadicate a day each month and this month was Wales, we had a lovely day with the home decorated and lots of lovely home cooked food by the wonderful Clair treats on the tea trolly with fun and games with the activities girls.

 IMG 20230919 WA0003

Joy getting the balloons in the perfect place

IMG 20230919 WA0002 v2

Ah much better we've even got tom jones on the tv

20230920 115320 v2

Clair's menu she had prepared for lunch

20230920 122555 v2

Vickie and Brian had a lovely meal together with some glasses of wine

20230920 122649 v2

The beautiful ladies awaiting their lunch

IMG 20230920 WA0012 v2

The dinning room was set up lovely

IMG 20230920 WA0009

The new technology is so fascinating to some of the residenta'

IMG 20230920 WA0007 v2

Becky went around and did a Welsh quiz with the residents and even got staff and family membere to have a go

20230920 145150 v2

The tea trolly set up for afternoon snaks

20230920 115312 v3

The tea time menu looks great Welsh rarebit is always a good hit with the residents

welshflag v2