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The Queens platinum jubilee



FB IMG 1657621357723


some of the beautiful cakes made by Anything sweet

FB IMG 1657621368884

Pimm's fruit cocktails


FB IMG 1657621427277

some of the treat's that were out over the week


FB IMG 1657621439475

as you can see the dog was more than happy to participate

FB IMG 1657621441989

staff at the jubilee

FB IMG 1657621371548

staff at the jubilee

FB IMG 1657621374104

staff at the jubilee

FB IMG 1657621382119

staff at the jubilee

FB IMG 1657621429679

staff at the jubilee

FB IMG 1657621432268

staff at the jubilee

FB IMG 1657621436979

staff at the jubilee

IMG 20220605 144911 Copy

Beryl loves when the home is busy never fails to make her smile


IMG 20220605 144728 Copy

Jeny and Jackie trying out there new hair styles


IMG 20220605 144745 edit 826370331372860 Copy

Family is the most importin thing to many of the resident as well as are selves

IMG 20220605 144837 Copy

The one and only Queen Dorothy B with her family and friends