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Thank you to the directors New News Page


Over the last week the activities team and the directors got together to see what new equipment we needed to help with activities. after spending some time togetherr we came up with lots of new bits and bobs i.e. more sensory things, floor games and crafty bits.

By ensuring we have everything the residents need to keep them occupyed helps keep them active and engaged through out the day. Here are a few pictures of the wonderful new things that have arrived with more to come.

Box 1

In the first box there were many things to help are residents with dementia keep themselves rounded and calm


In the second box there were lots of different bits like floor games twiddle muffs and textured blankets which helps with hand eye coordination

Chris and Hanna

Hanna set up the bean bag toss for her and ray to have a go. well she was on 1:1 with Chris


Now the next few pictures many seam odd to many of you but the use of dolls in dementia care is proven to comfort and sooth the residents. if a resident is feeling restless this can help as well its good for there wellbeing and communication It also brings back memories of when they had there own children. Now not all are residents have dementia and still love it.

Dot and Rose

Meet rose she was given her name by Dot and dot is has fell head over heals in love with her

Lily and Rose

Lily is more than happy to look after Rose



Thank you William & Geoff