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Tackling Shropshire's Urgent Bed Shortage


As we age, the need for more focussed healthcare naturally increases; if you’re aged over 80 and you’re trying to manage on your own in a cold house that isn’t suitable for your physical abilities, you have an 80% chance of being in hospital. 

This issue is becoming increasingly urgent across Shropshire, and that’s one of the many reasons why residential care homes are an essential part of supporting our older population. 

Here at Maesbrook, for instance, our home is designed to meet every need of our residents, day or night, as well as providing constant access to highly trained nursing staff and a range of specialist facilities and equipment. 

However, the challenge of meeting this urgent need is that there is a severe shortage of beds available. 

Unlike a hospital, which has extensive accommodation for patients on a temporary basis, residential care homes provide long-term accommodation, and our residents consider Maesbrook their home. 

We have been aware of this pressing issue for some time, and are therefore focussed on doing everything we can to support as many people as possible. 

But we cannot do this with the limited number of beds we currently have here at Maesbrook - that’s why earlier this year, we applied to build an extension which would allow us to create three additional bedrooms for those with urgent and long-term needs. 

The application process has been extensive as there were concerns over the preservation of a copper beech tree on our property. However, we are delighted to confirm that following consultation with a tree specialist, there is no risk to the preservation of our beech tree and our planning application has finally been approved. 

As well as supporting those in need, Maesbrook is also an essential support partner to local hospitals and healthcare providers who don’t have the facilities for long-term care. 

Rachel Roebuck, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital’s Discharge Liaison Officer, illustrates why extra beds throughout the county are so important in a recent letter of thanks to the team at Maesbrook.

“We are continuously impressed with Maesbrook and your response to our requests for placement with you. We feel the communication links we have with you are excellent. You always respond to queries and messages in a timely fashion and always return calls when promsed. Some of the patients we have sent to Maesbrook have needed high level nursingcare and often high level palliative needs, which you have accepted with open arms. We always have positive feedback from relatives and appreciate all you do for us and our patients. We just wish you had more beds!"

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