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Residents and staff


What a fab week we had last week lots of fun and games. There is a lot of competition going on at the moment with the ladies, they all want to win and are not willing to go easy on one another. Dot has been doing Becky's hair and well it just looked beautiful after!. We have then celebrated Peggy and Becky's birthdays. Peggy had a lovely afternoon tea with her daughter granddaughter and great grand children. Well Becky and some staff went for a night out which we cant show you all of the pictures :D 

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The ladies playing a new game we have recently been donated. I think at one point Sheila and Nancy were going to flip the board if they didn't win lol



Dot spent lots of time perfecting Becky's new hear style lets just say it was definitely a new look.

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Another beautiful set up for afternoon tea done by Joy for Peggy's birthday


Peggy's birthday cake witch she thoroughly enjoyed

well then there is this...

Mary and Becky

Becky and Mary keeping out of trouble in town

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Some of our lovely staff past and present with a few others



The link is a video of the lovely staff supporting each other !





20230414 145209