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Quality time and fun


What have we been up to this week! Well we've finished off some crafts, the owls look beautiful. Then we have been spending quality time with some of our residents 1-1 which is always lovely as we get to learn new things about them and this helps us connect on many different levels. The highlight of the week has got to have been butterfly cake making with Clair.



Jeny has spent hours painting every single feather a different colour and it looks extravagant.


Music for many people living with Dementia, it brings out a different side of their emotions, but with Ursula it is her life and she loves to sing all day long. So we have introduced the mic and head phones and think she was very impressed. It was AMAZING.



Beryl spent time chatting and doing a puzzle with Joy. The puzzle was of the beach front and this is a great talking point for many as it brings back lots of memories.


Joan is in love with cats, she had a cat at home and also loves to see our own cat wondering around. So when we gave her this teddy cat she fell head over heels in love with it.


Ann went for a wonder up to the church for a wander around, they have some of the most beautiful flowers and buildings to see on the way up the road.


Vickie getting set up to bake some cakes.


Ann mixing up all her ingredients

Sheila C

Sheila using the electric whizzer to mix all ingredients together because who needs to do it by hand nowadays. HAHA

Dot J

This is a 2 part picture of Dot getting caught red handed doing what I'm sure we have all done many of times .

Dot J

If anyone were to ever tell me that they haven't tried raw cake mix I would never believe them its the best part of baking.

IMG 20230628 WA0005

Now time to get them in the cake liners and wait for them to cook and then decorate.


Now for the final producd of all there hard work......

Sorry but i cant show you that as we for got to take the picturs haha sorry


20230622 153410