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Pancake tossing and fun


Tuesday was pancake day (shrove Tuesday) what a day we had with pancake flipping with staff and residents trying to do the most flips. Then we had a beautiful treat with mini pancakes chocolate, lemon, sugar and fruits. 

IMG 20230221 WA0001

Marie attempting to flip her pancake don't worry they were not ate as they ended up on the floor millions of times.



Marie was determined to land at least one flip

IMG 20230222 WA0009

Marie had to stand up in the end to get the right stance on her toss


IMG 20230222 WA0002

Sheila wasn't to keen on having a go but as you will see in the next picture she got into the flip of things.


IMG 20230221 WA0004

Sheila flipped her pancake that hard the camera woman had to take a step back.


IMG 20230222 WA0000

The tea trolley girls are getting in the swing of things when it comes to decorating the trolley to represent the day we are celebrating how lovely dose it look with the little picture onto resident of the day plus the food looks fab.


IMG 20230222 WA0010

Dot loved the look of her snacks and she at all of it with in minutes.

IMG 20230222 WA0011

action shot of Sheila getting in her one of her five a day plus lots of sugar :)


There will be some videos on our Facebook page if you would like to view them please go to maesbrook care home on Facebook.



IMG 20230221 WA0004