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new years build up


in the next few pictures you will see the great madness that happen when Mal comes in, he is one of the residents favourite entertainers he sings many different songs and always does  some of his own. I would suggest if you are after some light fun music to give him a ring and check when his is available he is amazing. there are some videos on our facebook page if you want to check them out.

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Jackie and Mary having a dance along to the great singing

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All the staff up and dancing along, the residents love this as it makes them all smile so much, it's good to see the staff being able to enjoy the activities as well.

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Keith taking a serious picture as always


Here are a few videos of the staff and residents just being themselves 







The next lot of pictures are from the lovely tea party we had on New Year's day I must admit myself (Becky) and Joy put a lot of hard work in to it but it was definately worth it in the end.

IMG 20230101 WA0012

We set up a spread of sandwiches and mini bits with lovely cakes. there was china for those that wanted tea or coffee. There was wine glasses for the wine and plenty of pop and soft drinks. What a lovely afternoon we had

IMG 20230101 WA0011

Eileen was not told her family were coming as we kept it a surprise from her. she was so thrilled when her daughter-in-law and son walked through the door.

IMG 20230101 WA0009

Dot got to spend time with her daughter and granddaughter its so lovely seeing them sat around chatting and drinking without the PPE we can't wait for this to become the norm again

IMG 20230101 WA0006

Sheila and her husband Stuart having a spot of tea (after they drank the wine)

IMG 20230101 WA0007

Its so lovely to see Jackie getting more involved now she is wanting to spend more time out of her room and with others She had a lovely time drinking wine and gin