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What a jolly week we've had, some beautiful singing from two different lots of entertainers. The great grand-children of Johanne who sang in three different language  witch were English, Welsh and German, this was so lovely to hear as we have many Welsh residents and Johanna's mother tongue is German, .the children set up there own little performance of Christmas songs and came all tinselled up, it was wonderful..

Johannas family helpimg get us in the christmas spirit

Johanna/s family helping get us in the Christmas spirit. With there own performance 

20221217 141124

Christmas hats and tinsel on to help bring us Christmas cheer


We were also lucky enough to have Grant pop by and get the residents singing along to some classic carols with the help of the new smart tv so every one could see the words without having them too small on the paper.

Screenshot 20221222 144753 Gallery

Grant singing O holy night with the residents


Screenshot 20221222 144826 Gallery

Eileen really enjoyed her time with Grant singing her heart out


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Hazel and the girls photo ready welts listening to the singer