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We are working with a new platform throughout the home called OOMPH!

OOMPH! was founded in 2011 with the vision of using expertise in health and fitness to make a positive difference to people living and working in care. It is a online platform that introduces 1000s of new activities and prompts to do in the home. It holds online sessions that you can attend via the internet in groups or by your self. You will see the activities girls with the IPads and phones with the residents doing things they like. Over the next few weeks this will be rolled out in to the bedrooms for every one to use on there smart TVs. The residents will be able to use this themselves or staff will be on hand to help and get involved. The family's will also be able to use this and have fun with there loved ones and make memories. This is a learning curve for us all so please be patient well we get to grips with the new system. If you have any questions please speak to the activities team or management and they will try to answer any questions you have. 

Oomph 1