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Mini sports


We had a mini sports day that consisted of floor games, Its good for the residents to do the floor games 1 because it's fun and we all get a good laugh but it helps work in core strength and hand eye coordination. When throwing the bean bags around, the residents find they have to sit themselves up straighter to get the momentom to throw and letting go of the bean bag keeps the mind and arms connected this might not seem like much to you but it means a lot to the residents to still be able to do little tasks.

First up in the corn holes

with Dotty being the winner

IMG 20230707 WA0002

Sheila C recons she can get 100 every time but as you can see she don't but that's not going to stop her trying.

IMG 20230707 WA0022

Action shot of jenny throwing the been bag

IMG 20230707 WA0027

it some point i think Dot was a baseball bowler as she has a powerfull underarm!

IMG 20230707 WA0026

Becky with the score bored encorgin Sam to give it all hes got.

second is the floor darts 

with Sheila C winning

IMG 20230707 WA0009

Dot concentrating on where she wants her marker to land.

IMG 20230707 WA0014

Sheila R first throw was the red bag that just missed so she put more in to the next bag and got herself some points. yaah well done.

IMG 20230707 WA0016

Jenny trying to beat her BFF Sheila, but ends up over shooting it as she is laughing to much.


Last but not least The ring toss 

won by Vickey 

IMG 20230707 WA0003

Concetraion face from Vicke which definitly helped as she was the winner.

IMG 20230707 WA0005

Sheila R did great at this she struggles to let go of the hoop when she actually wants to but that wasn't going to stop her from giving it a good go :)




IMG 20230707 WA0004