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Meole Car Show


Over the weekend of the 20/05/23 we had the pleasure of going for a stroll down to the village church to see all the classic cars. This meant that we were all up earlier than normal but it was most definitely worth it. The cars were beautiful we spent a lot of time looking around them. There was lot of other things to do we spent time listening to the rock cho[r and eating ice cream we then went on for a picnic.


Jackie loved the time out she new most of the cars and lots of other facts about where they were made and the year they were made.

38 and her daughter

Johanna and her family member came out with us for a wonderful morning.

20230520 111940

We could have spent forever walking around looking at the cars.

20230520 112331

There is just somthing about a classic car that makes you smile.

20230520 112626

if all the busses still looked like this im sure they would get so much more use.

20230520 123454 1

classic red i dont think this car should be any other colour says jackie

20230520 125027

Quick Becky put me in we can run away !

20230520 113421


20230520 113345

ice cream for all well we watch the music

20230520 122005 v2

Mid day break with a lovely picnic

20230520 135947

Shirley loved listening to the jazz while having some coffee and cake.

if you go over to our facebook page you will be able to see two vidios of the lovely music that was also going on.



20230520 123454 1