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Meet Paulo Pinto


Please welcome Paulo, he came to sing to our residents this week and they enjoyed it so much there was lots of smiles and singing going on. The residents all joined in with the singing while they sat and had some wine and picky bits. The staff were all up and dancing around. Its so lovely to see all the fun that goes on in the home.

20230426 142329 1

Many of the residents getting them self seated and ready for the entertainment

IMG 20230426 WA0023

Paulo meeting all the residents and this was Kath's first time coming to see the singers. She wasn't to sure to start off with but soon got in to the swing and sung her heart out.

IMG 20230426 WA0003

Pam with her wine and munchy bits that she ate . Plus her beautiful hair that she has had done today.

IMG 20230426 WA0026

Renee loves coming down and watching the singers i think she was more interested in watching the staff dancing around though.

IMG 20230426 WA0009

I think Louella may have found herself a new love interest lol

IMG 20230426 WA0012

Joy and Andrews having a little dance around in the corner

IMG 20230426 WA0029

Kath doesn't normally come and join us in the lounge and i must admit it did take us a lot of persuading but she eventually gave in and joined us for the fun.


If you would like to come and sing or entertain our residents please feel free to email the home and we will get back to you.



IMG 20230426 WA0004