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King Charles III coronation


So over the last weekend we have celebrated the Kings coronation, this for many of our residents is the second coronation they have had the pleasure to see. They have seen are late Queen crowned in 1953 go through many trials and tribulation with many celebrations behind her may she rest in piece. They have now got to see her first born son formaly know as the prince of Wales become the King of England.

Over the weekend we all gatherd around to watch the coronation of the King which was a spectacular event. All the residents received a scroll to remember the special date that we hope they will cherish for many more years to come. A few of our residents that weren't able to attend our celebrations we gifted with a cremmemotive teddy. which we hope they will love.



Clair piping the beautiful red velvit cakes she made

Clair Joy Jackie

If you have a look in the top left corner you can see Jackie taste testing the cakes


Setting up all the lovely food ready for after are music

Michell C

Michelle feeling festive


im not sure who enjoyed the weekend more staff or residents!

Michelle B

Our very own Camilla!!


Not to sure what this pose is but whatever floats your boat

Staff and residents

One up all up having a good dance along to Mal

20230507 145735

You know what i don't even know what to caption this !

The stooges lol

What a fab team the girls made over the weekend

20230507 135500

Its a good job we keep a eye on shaz or her and the bottle would have been gone !

20230507 135818

Jayne brought in a top for her and mum to wear but Pam didn't want to so Shaz was more than happy to model it

20230507 150847

Dining room set up ready for the afternoon party

IMG 20230507 WA0068

The tables were set up beautify with little flags napkins and read and white flowers

IMG 20230507 WA0054

The Preece family

IMG 20230507 WA0059

I'm sure Keith cant take a serious picture he always has to pull a funny face

IMG 20230507 WA0056

Dot with her girls

IMG 20230507 WA0061

Residents and families getting to know each other


To finish off the long weekend the tea trolly girls did a lovely cheese and wine spread that always goes down well with the whole home.


Thank you to everyone that attended and to all the staff for the very hard work.