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Kerry's Quiz


Omg what an amazing day we had on Tuesday with Kerry's quiz that is dementia friendly and everyone got involved we worked in little groups to try and beat the other groups. There was so many different genres it was so fun.

Becky Richard 15b and Vickie

This is one of the groups that worked together and lets just say they would have done better with out Becky

Brian Joy mare we the secong group

They were so good just like fountins of wisdom

Michelle was working with Angala and Dez

And honistly ive never heard Angaler laugh so much she thought it was hallerous


He was a late come to the quiz but if he had been there the hole time he would have beet us all by miles


Dez loves any thing that challenges him. He should have been a quiz master growing up.

Kerry and Richard

Kerry interacted so well with all the residents was lovely to see.

Sheila c

Sheila might be band from all our quizes. 1 she is far to good 2 she cant help but shout the awsers out.


Jeny did the quiz solo and did so well expecily on her favert subject musicals


Vickie and 15

wine snaks and a quiz what more could you as for

IMG 20230919 WA0005