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Huge thanks and well done to all our staff for working together to avoid coronavirus.


Maesbrook care home avoids coronavirus

Teamwork at Maesbrook helps to avoid Coronavirus

Shirley Dwyer says Maesbrook Care Home, in Meole Brace, which she manages has not had a single case of Covid-19 among its residents and staff after 'locking down early' and ensuring a string of safety measures were put in place.

The care home caters for 45 residents and has 70 staff.

Shirley said: "We locked down very early and we made sure we had plenty of PPE.

"The community made us masks, bags to put clothes in, we did extra cleaning, brought in extra measures and it's worked.

"We enabled visitors to still come along by taking the residents up to the windows to speak to their families, or we got them ready to take them outside.

"People have to ring the bell and have to make an appointment.

"We've always allowed them to ring anytime, day or night.

"Sometimes as a care worker, you can feel you don't get appreciated enough but we haven't had any cases and I'm proud of them and want to show my appreciation."

She said staff had also kept the care home's residents up to date with that was happening.

"We've kept the residents in the loop and made the families aware as much as we can," Shirley added.

"Some can Facetime but not all are capable of that. We are making sure they are looked after properly.

"It's been scary for the staff at first as they have families to go home to and obviously don't want to catch it and pass it on to the residents.

"We don't accept any residents or staff without a test and we don't use agency staff.

"I feel very proud of the fact that we haven't had Covid in the care home."