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Halloween !


So where to begin there has been so much going on this week hopefully I get it in the right order for you as it has been so so busy.

To start off we have been decorating the home can carved pumpkins.

Becky and Sheila R

Becky and Sheila both hated the feel of the inside of the pumpkins

IMG 20231102 WA0003

Becky gave up so Sheila had to finish off cleaning it up.

Michells pumkin

Michelle's pumpkin

received 774360761079156

Sam's pumpkin

received 1591168488362849

Becky and Sheila pumpkin


Then two days of singing we had the wonder full mini concert with Nick


IMG 20231030 WA0015


The residents loved his singing


They we had Kerry's Nostalgic Music 

IMG 20231031 WA0025

Kerry got the residents moving around and she even dressed up for the occasion

IMG 20231031 WA0015

Kerry dressed up for her singalong


Now for the madness of are halloween party OMG it was amazing there were lots of children running around and the residents love seeing every one dressed up .

IMG 20231101 WA0043

Reene with her witches hat she was so happy seeing lots of different kids

IMG 20231101 WA0016

Jan's first halloween with us


received 1063721297980424

Pam has had a very busy 3 days But she was still ready to party

IMG 20231101 WA0035

Wendy from the tea trolly with her grandchildren

IMG 20231101 WA0037

Carly the managers family

IMG 20231101 WA0024

Chrissie's little boy

IMG 20231101 WA0020

Katie the carers two

IMG 20231101 WA0021

One of the housekeeper's grandchildren

IMG 20231101 WA0032

Pumpkin pinata

IMG 20231101 WA0029

Pumpkin pinata

IMG 20231101 WA0027

William was planning on sending it to the moon lol

IMG 20231101 WA0009 v2

Most of the children that came dressed up there are a few missing but it was hard to round them all up


Now for a few pictures of the staff getting in on the action 


received 636292675318218

Shaz always makes so much effort on her costume we love it

received 308509575292875

Michelle and Joy looking um beautiful I guess haha!!!!!!!!!

received 1382914838975709

Becky Joy and Mary

received 798263288740204

We hope you all had a fantastic halloween, we most certainly did.



IMG 20231101 WA0009