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Fun in the sun


With the sun finally blessing us with its presence

, its time for us to get the sun hats on and get out in the garden. The residents and staff have all been having fun getting the flowers ready to be put around in the gardens as you may know we have lots of outdoor space and with the help of everyone we always get it looking beautiful.

Jenny and Sheila

These two lovely lady's are like long lost twins where you find one the other is not far behind the bond they have is something special.

Sheila Wendy Dot 38

Beautiful lady's in the garden Wendy is on off are long standing staff and always getting stuck in with what ever is going on.

Ann and the girls

I'm not to sure if the girls were hear to help or top up on there tan but Ann loves being out in the garden.


Ann getting the flowers ready to repot them.

Vickie and Joy

Just look at the smile on Vickie's face how lovely.

Dot and joy

Dot didn't want to get her hands dirty but was happy to supervise over the gardening project


Jackie enjoying her time out in the sun with some lovely fresh fruit.


There are so many more photos but I would be hear forever showing you all the fun we have please go along to are other media sites to see much more. 


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