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Christmas crafts and more


What a great week we have had, the residents and joy made some salt dough ornaments that have been baked and are ready to decorate they are looking amazing. then there was a messy day making Christmas hats with many residents and staff members. as you will see from the pictures the staff love to get involved with craft and making the resident smile. Then one of our residents had her own tea party with her family in the dinning room which went down lovely. we have done lots of shopping and gift sorting ready for the big day we are looking forward to it so much and cant wait to see all the visitors.

Christmas hats

All are beautiful hats


Shaz and Vickie

Shaz and Vic modelling the hats

20221213 1445544836Vic in her Christmas hat shes so proud of her self its the first time shes joined in


20221213 1448254833

Ann with her hat that shes stuck every thing she could possible to it

20221213 1449574834

Marlene came out of isolation just in time for all the fun

20221213 1451274830

This picture of Johanna just melts my heart


20221213 1452034832

Dot thinks were all mad but that's what makes her smile so big

20221213 1456504825

Seeing the smile on Sheila's face makes all the mess and madness worth it.

20221213 1448484835

martin with his big belly Modelling one of are hats.

Snapchat 1737199724817

Mary with her own hat on.


More photos to be added next week keep an eye out !!!! 

20221213 1441554837

crafters around the table with joy

20221213 1453174829

Martin doing what he dose best and making us all smile