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we've not got to much to share this week as we are in the process of getting ready for a fundraiser over the weekend. But we have been continuing to have fun with lost of games.


This is one of the residents favret game and its great for them as it gets them moving about in there chairs.

Sheila  R

Sheila struggles a bit with communication but that doesn't stop her joining in with the fun and games.


Thomas was in for the day to help his mum with work. But he soon realised being with the residents was much more fun.


Eileen playing the floor darts this game is so much fun depending on where you land on the board depends on what question you get and the higher the scoor the harder the question!


Phil has loved naming all the cars and sorting them in to place


Brian spent all of 10min on this puzzle and he had put it all together.


This is just the cutes picture ever melts my heart.


And that your little lot for this week.