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All things Austrian


What an amazing day we had, So once a month we are having a dedicated day to a certain  part of the world and this month was Austrian. Becky and Joy with help from the residents decorated the home with flags and balloons in red white.

IMG 20230719 WA0008

We had Vickie using all her lung power to blow up balloons.


Press the link to see Becky showing everyone how to blow the balloons up

IMG 20230719 WA0003

The dinning room set up ready for the fest!

The resident and some special guests had a beautiful meal prepared by the kitchen team that consisted of turkey schnitzel with warm potato salad, slow roasted beef with parsley mash both served with green veg, for pud they had apple strudel or chocolate cake. Over tea time there was a beautiful buffet of smoked cold meats, pate and cheeses all served with sourdough bread and salad.

received 290402926831088

Will and Ni Lar helping Clair get the food prepared.

received 1190858901834670

Fresh veg prepared for lunch

received 1068003537502082

Slow roasted beef nearly ready. when it come to cooking for the home you have to make sure these

plents as many of the staff are on the hunt of food!

IMG 20230719 WA0033

Buffet nearly ready for tea umm looks good.

IMG 20230719 WA0031

Thank you for your hard work guys and girls

 Now time to eat 

IMG 20230719 WA0022

Ann was excited for her lunch as you can tell.

IMG 20230719 WA0026

Ladys ready with wine awating there lunch.

IMG 20230719 WA0020

Johanna is Austrian her self so its lovely for her and her family to have some home comfort food.

Talking of Johanna her daughters and granddaughter did a beautiful job of coming in with traditanal clothing 

IMG 20230719 WA0017

How beautiful do the girls look!

To finnish the afternoon of we had a quiz and a good chat about the day and what we knew or didnt know about the beautiful country 



stock vector austria happy national day october greeting card with austrian national flag brush stroke and 1827990053